Outdoor Sound Enforcement


Please know that your concerns and feedback are taken very seriously. The goal of the 19th DAA is to mitigate noise issues prior to their impacting the surrounding community.


Weather can often affect the sound flood zone. It is possible for the amplified sound from an event to be within the approved limits and still have an irritation to residents.

Under the direction and supervision of the 19TH DAA and the EWS CEO, noise monitoring equipment will be utilized inside concert venues and at the Showgrounds property line except during the annual Santa Barbara Fair. This equipment will be used to monitor decibel levels of showgrounds outdoor concert events. The onsite event manager will record and document decibel levels throughout events to assure decibel levels do not exceed the Noise Ordinance levels as indicated below.  Decibel levels for each outdoor event will be reported and reviewed at scheduled board meetings by the 19th DAA.


EWS staff will work with showgrounds clients to make sure all events comply with the Noise Ordinance Plan. The noise monitoring equipment will be monitored throughout events and the event managers will be proactive and review any notices from the software. If the noise monitoring equipment indicates a period of noise in excess of the appropriate decibel level, staff will investigate the noise issue and take appropriate action to mitigate the noise.


Between the hours of 7:00AM to 10:00PM, ambient noise level may not exceed 65 dBA measured at the showgrounds property line. During outdoor concert events noise level may not exceed 90 dBA on fairgrounds property. Exterior ambient noise is not permitted between 10:00PM and 7:00AM. All sound producing devices used by promoter must be of such a nature and operated so as not to cause annoyance or inconvenience to patrons or any other promoter. The DAA reserves the right to terminate promoter use of any sound-producing device, which it determines, in its sole discretion, violates this provision.  Decibel readings will be recorded every 30 minutes during scheduled events. Two decibel readings will be recorded at the beginning and middle of scheduled events at the showgrounds property line.


Noise ordinance in all of event contracts and discussed with clients prior to events on property.

CEO/designee is the key liaison with showgrounds clients and will make sure they are in compliance with our policy.

Noise Ordinance to be listed on the website www.earlwarren.com

Event feedback phone number (805)687-0766 listed on website.


  1. The showgrounds will send a letter to neighbors annually inviting them to opt-in to an
    e-newsletter and will include this option permanently on the website. The
    purpose of the newsletter is to notify neighbors at least two weeks prior of an
    amplified sound event that is scheduled for the facility.
  1. EWS will make public an event feedback phone number. (805)687-0766

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