Fair Sponsorship

2017 Santa Barbara Fair & Expo Sponsorship Information

The Fair is a great community event.  Our man goal is the expose adult and children alike to agriculture, farm animals and the art of making homemade items.  It is a chance for the community of Santa Barbara to showcase their many talents, including art, photography, cooking, dancing, singing etc.

We are offering sponsorships which provide businesses the opportunity to enhance their community image, market and brand their goods and services, build lasting customer relationships.  Our fair would give the opportunity to reach the community in a fun way.

Our 2016 Santa Barbara Fair & Expo attendance was 50,000.


2017 Santa Barbara Fair & Expo Packets

$500.00 Sponsorship

$1,000.00 Sponsorship

White Ribbon  Sponsorship

Red Ribbon  Sponsorship

Blue Ribbon  Sponsorship

Bronze  Sponsorship

Silver  Sponsorship

Gold  Sponsorship

Diamond  Sponsorship




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